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Lose Weight without Getting Bored!!!


  • Lose weight
  • Get fit
  • Have more energy
  • Have a strong lean body
  • Have a faster metabolism
  • Have fun by adding variety to your fitness program
  • Stop boring repetitive gym visits, which don't give you results
  • And have higher energy levels and lower stress levels ??? Then you have come to the right place.


“I was an athlete in high school, but I grew increasingly out of shape during and after college. As much as I wanted to keep working out, I just couldn't bring myself to get up and run in the mornings, or hit the gym to lift weights after work. It was just boring for me. But then one day I stopped by the gym and met Teddy. He guaranteed me not only that training with him would be a more complete workout than running and lifting weights, but also that it would be more fun. And 45 pounds later, he was right! The thing that makes Teddy a great coach is that he develops an individual training program that is right for you. At first, he helped me lose weight, then he helped me improve my skill, and now he helps me prepare to fight competitively. Simply put, I'm much happier and healthier today than I was one year ago, and I have Teddy to thank for that. Train with Teddy, and you'll be saying the same thing a year from now!”

Jason Smith, 30 years old

Teddy's Fitness Boxing
Here at Teddy's Fitness Boxing program we offer the BEST 1-on-1, and group training in Martial Arts and Fitness! Learn how you can transform your Body and your Mind. You can Lose Weight, Burn Fat, put on muscle, become Unbelievably strong, and if you want at the same time learn Martial Arts and Self Defense in the form of Western Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, American Kickboxing, and Karate.


"I can't say enough about Teddy's ability as a boxing/Muay Thai coach. I've been training with Teddy for a few months now, and over this period I've lost weight, increased my speed and endurance and learned some boxing combos I will be able to use in a ring soon. And all of this was possible because Teddy is a positive motivator, punctual, and will definitely push you and hold you accountable. Most traditional exercise bores me and l lose interest quickly, but this is fun and engaging--yet by far some of the hardest workouts I have done. Even if I am thoroughly wiped out after working out with Teddy, I always leave happy knowing that I've gotten a superb workout while learning a skill. I recommend training with Teddy to anyone who wants to get in shape, learn a skilled sport, have fun, and get away from the excruciating boredom of using gym machines and repetitive traditional fitness  classes."

-Anya Sodova
U.S Department of Justice

Teddy's Fitness BoxingTeddy's Focus Mitts Workout:
Get ready to experience a workout that makes you mentally and physically strong while learning the BEST way to defend yourself effectively. Teddy's Focus Mitt Workout will blow your mind. With the extra level of challenge and variation, you'll never get bored and that's the key for you to obtain your fitness goal.

Train Like a Fighter Without Getting Hit!!!


Get conditioning and a little technique all while having a fun, challenging boxing workout!!!


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