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Secure Your Spot and Get Started Today with our EXCLUSIVE Virtual Training Program Offer! 

  • Device: a smartphone, tablet or computer is all you need to get started.
  • Video App: Your trainer will connect with you to make sure you have a capable app before your first session, such as FaceTime or Zoom. 
  • Equipment: this is optional. If you don't have any equipment, your trainer can guide you through an effective boxing and bodyweight workout. If you have a gym or equipment, your trainer can also structure the workout with what is available use.

What Do I Need for Virtual Personal Training?

  • Live Workout Sessions - workout with your trainer in real time, no pre-recorded workouts to follow
  • Individualized Attention - Just you and your trainer, no group or live streaming classes to share with other people
  • Customized Workouts - every session is customized to your needs, no pre-formatted or stock workouts to follow
  • Cost Effective - no huge training costs or monthly fees

Reach Your Full Potential with Teddy's Fitness Boxing, Virtually! Improve your fitness and boxing skills at home with virtual personal training. With our virtual personal training services, you don't have to wait for your gym to reopen or for it to be safe to leave your home agin. Get started today in the comfort and privacy of your own home, on your own time, with a highly qualified personal trainer and boxing coach. 

Why Should I Do Virtual Personal Training? 

  • 5 Sessions/ $60.00 = $300.00
  • 10 Sessions/ $50.00 = $500.00
  • 15 Sessions/ $40.00 = $600.00      703-362-4465

Virtual Training Rates

Virtual Training Form

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